What is EdUCate!?  EdUCate! is a nonprofit foundation established in 1993 to provide supplemental funds for all five of the University City Public Schools.  See their website here.

Honor a Teacher!  Are you thankful that an educator has given your child a great start this school year?  Do you know a teacher, a counselor, an administrator, a coach, a school nurse, or someone on the office staff who has made life a little easier, more special, and/or more exciting?  Consider saying thank you and honoring that person with an Honor a Teacher award, which lets them know how much their efforts are appreciated with an announcement, a personalized letter and certificate, public recognition at an awards ceremony, and a special memento signifying this honor.  The monies you donate are used to fund EdUCate! grants for all five UC schools during the course of the school year.

Honor a Teacher here