"Curie Family Lunch"

What is Curie Family Lunch?  In years past, Curie Family Lunch was known as Dad’s Club Lunch.  This year out of respect for our Curie children who may not have a Dad in the home or whose Dad cannot come to lunch, we have changed the name.


We still LOVE to see the involvement of our Curie Dads and encourage Dads to come have lunch with your children!   But now, we also want to include other family members & friends in the fun and give all of our students a chance to eat lunch with the "Curie family".  

In the event that you can not make to the lunch, your child will have a "Curie Family Lunch" with other families and friends, and won't be left out. We are all a big family and all the kids will be accommodated.


Family members & friends may bring in outside lunch to share with their child, or simply their own bag lunch.  It is a time for spending quality time with your children, to see who they hang out with, to see where they play, and to get involved at Curie.  

The dates of "Curie Family Lunches" for this school year are October 23/2020 and March 12/2021 from 1215 pm to 1 pm. Arrive early to find parking and register. Thank you and have fun!

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