Curie's directory is going digital!

Dear parents,


This year we are trying something new for the school directory! Rather than print out several thousand pages of paper we are going digital. You will soon be receiving an invitation from DirectorySpot to invite you to join our school directory. This invitation will be sent only to emails that asked to be listed in the directory (one per student). With this account you will have edit access to your children’s listing(s) and search/browse access to the rest of the directory. If you add another email address to your child’s listing, we will add an account for them and give them edit access (the process may take a couple of days, but we will try to add new users more often in the first few days).


New features:

  • Searchable by class, grade, or student name!

  • Searchable by family!

  • Editable at any time, with instant updates!

  • Take the directory with you on your phone with the App!


What you need to do

  1. Click on the link in the invitation email and follow the instructions to create a password.

  2. Find your student(s) and check that their information is correct, and edit the information if you wish.

  3. That's it! If you want to access the directory more easily these are a few good options:

    1. Bookmark the directory: for easy access.

    2. Install the DirectorySpot app (available on both iOS and Android).

    3. If you want a paper version, you can generate a PDF and print it yourself.


If you have questions or comments


Please remember that the PTA is a volunteer organization, and the members have other commitments. While we will try to address any concerns as quickly as possible, please understand if it takes us a few days to get to your issue. In order to effectively manage the directory we will be checking emails and fixing issues once a day (and less often once the initial rush is over). To help resolve issues as fast as possible we won’t send an email response unless necessary to resolve the issue. If we haven’t solved your issue within a few days, please reply to or forward your original email, and we will do our best to help.



Q: My information is wrong or changing, what do I do?

A: Now you can edit it yourself! Just click on the student your email address is tied to and you will have edit access.

Q: I want to add an account for another email address, how do I do that?

A: Just add it to the child’s listing. We have a tool to convert emails in the directory to accounts which we will be running periodically. If you need access for other emails, please email with the email address and a reason why they need access. If you want them to be able to edit the student’s information, please list the students they are associated with.

Q: I have multiple students, but they aren’t listed as siblings, and/or I can’t edit both of them.

A: Email with the detailed description of the problem and we’ll fix it for you.

Q: Why aren’t both parents listed in the directory? Why aren’t parent last names in the directory?

A: We collected and corrected data based on the old print format. You can edit the info yourself to update it.

Q: Why are we going digital?

A: The new digital directory will make it easier for parents to find contact information, provide more flexibility for what information parents want to share, allow us to get the directory out earlier in the future, save money and paper compared to printing, and will allow updates throughout the year.

Q: I sent a request via email and it hasn’t been taken care of yet, why not?

A: Our volunteer PTA members are very busy with other commitments, so it may take a day or two to get to your email. If it has been a few days and we haven’t solved your problem, please reply to or forward your email to as a reminder so we can make sure your problem gets resolved.

Q: How will this work next year?

A: We’re figuring that out now; this is our first test of the system. We expect next year’s directory to come out much sooner (in the Fall) and be much smoother. If you have any requests or suggestions, please send them to

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