School Rules

The Curie Elementary School staff is committed to providing a positive learning environment for our students. To do so requires the development of school rules for all children to follow.

The acceptance of, and adherence to, the rules help children develop into good citizens. Becoming a good citizen is the responsibility of the student, his/her parents and school personnel.

Parent Responsibility: Teach your child(ren) the behaviors appropriate to achieving good citizenship and good work habits in school. Know District and school rules. Cooperate and support the school in maintaining proper standards for students and the appropriate consequences. Respect the right to confidentiality of all families.

Student Responsibility: Attend school. Adhere to all school and classroom rules. Show respect and consideration for others.


School Personnel Responsibility: Establish and maintain the standards that are needed to achieve a positive learning environment. Teach and review rules with students. Communicate with parents. Respect the right to confidentiality of all families.



  • Students are expected to respect and follow the directions of all adult staff members.

  • Children are expected to follow the rules of the classroom.

  • Skate shoes may be ridden to school. However, the wheels are to be removed before entering the school grounds and are not to be used until the student is off of the school grounds after school

  • Skateboards are NOT allowed.

  • NO cards, toys, games, or playthings are to be brought to school.

  • Soda, energy drinks, gum, and candy are not allowed at school. If brought to school, they will be taken away and discarded.

  • Children are expected to walk on the sidewalk when going from classrooms to other rooms of the school.

  • When classes meet in the auditorium, students will enter and sit quietly.

  • Children should follow the organization of the playground. Games are to be played in designated areas only.

  • Children at play are expected to be courteous and obey all playground rules.

  • Children should share any playground problems with adult staff supervisors. They are there to help.

  • Children should stop and freeze immediately when the bell rings and wait for the whistle, then walk to their classroom lineup area.

  • Students will walk to lunch lines. Each student has only one place in line. No cuts are allowed.

  • Students will eat in the lunch arbor ONLY unless there is an exception due to rain, etc.

  • Students are expected to remain seated while eating and use good manners.

  • When students are finished eating, they are to clean their own eating area, wait for permission to be excused and walk to the playground, restroom or classroom.

  • Children are to leave the school grounds promptly after school dismissal and, for their own safety, go directly home or to their child care facility. There is to be NO playing on the equipment after school ó by either students or their younger siblings. Only authorized programs (SAY) may use the equipment.

  • If a student is going to be picked up after school, the student is to wait in the student loading zone at the REAR of the school.

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