The Marie Curie Elementary School Science Committee is composed of a group of parents and teachers that work to bring students extra science activities to increase both their knowledge and love of science. 


Here're some of our ongoing projects that we support and could use your help:



• Monthly Science meetings are usually held the first or second Monday of the month and we would love more attendees! No science background required—all are welcome!


• Shoebox science kits are after school science experiments in a box/bag that 1st-5th grade students can borrow from the library. Parents should fill out a permission form and return it to their child's teacher in order to participate. 



• Family science nights allow students and family to do hands-on science experiments. The Curie Auditorium is transformed into a science lab for us all to learn and have fun together. 



• Astronomy nights  allow students to learn about all things space-related and explore the stars using sophisticated telescopes. 



• Science bulletin boards are set up with different theme each month. See our display near the lunch arbor. 



• Grant applications are based on the Curie’s needs. We have successfully obtained significant science and garden equipment for Curie in the past.  Science nights for the 2019-2020 school year have been funded by a grant from the Jacobs Institute for Innovation in Education at USD.

For more information please email sciencecommittee@curiepta.org or go to :    https://curiesciencecommittee.shutterfly.com/ and request to join.

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