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PTA-Funded Programs & Activities

PTA Programs Activities

Art Enrichment

Art teacher for regular art breakout sessions and art events


Physical Education

PE Teacher for regularly scheduled PE programs

Music Enrichment

Regular musical instruction for all 4th and 5th graders, plus musical events for all grades.



High tech enrichments


Classroom Enrichments

Funding for extra materials and programs provided to each teacher.

Parked School Buses

Field Trips

Funding to every classroom for field trips, to cover transportation, custom programs, and more.

Red Ribbon Week: Healthy Choices

Teaching our children how to keep themselves healthy and safe.

Coin helpers.jpeg

Art & Music Showcase

Showcasing the artistic talents of the Curie community.

Academics: Services
Lunch Bags

Curie Family Lunch

Join other members of our Curie Community (parents, grandparents, guardians, neighbors, staff) as we eat together twice a year.

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Curie Crew

Curie families and community members work together to execute specific campus projects.

Garden Committee

Garden enthusiasts joining together to maintain and enhance Curie's various gardens

garden work--2 students digging.jpeg

Multi-Cultural Fair

A celebration of the many cultures and countries represented by our Curie Community


Science Committee

Curie parents working together to organize and present Science and Astronomy Nights throughout the year


Marie Curie Day

A celebration of the life and accomplishments of our scientific namesake

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