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2023-2024 PTA Board Elections

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

PTA Executive Board elections are coming up on April 19 at the general meeting. We will be voting on the slate of nominees posted below. While all positions are technically open, we are focused on rounding out the board by recruiting members to fill the vacant board positions also listed below. If you have any interest in joining the board or learning more about the board & the open positions, please click the link below or email Nicole at:

Slate of Nominees:

  • President: Candi Russell

  • Treasurer: Susan Cellitti

  • Recording Secretary: Kerri Bertrand

  • Historian: Kate Auda

  • 2nd VP of Programs & Education: Jessica Hardy

  • 4th VP of Membership & Communication: Lori Lents

  • 5th VP of Room Representatives: Mia Sneag

Vacant Board Positions:

  • VP Ways & Means

  • VP Event Coordinator

  • VP Spirit

  • Auditor

  • Parliamentarian*

  • Corresponding Secretary*

*Positions appointed by President

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