Want to volunteer, but don't know where to begin?

There are two levels of volunteering at Curie.


One is in the classroom, at events, or any other time you're helping on campus.  The other way to volunteer is to drive on a field trip.


You must have a SDUSD volunteer application and a negative TB test on file with the office to do either type of volunteering. To drive on a field trip, you must also have a copy of your driver's license, auto insurance, and LiveScan form on file with the office at least 14 days prior to a field trip. You only need to be LiveScanned through the district once.


Once you return the application to the front office you can volunteer for any school or PTA event including in the classrooms. 

1 Read the code of conduct 

2. Fill out the SDUSD volunteer application 

3. Complete at TB test with negative results or visit our nurses' office to fill out a questionnaire with Nurse Cynthia.


If you want to drive on field trips, you must also turn in:

1. copy of driver's license

2. copy of auto insurance

3. LiveScan paperwork ***Pick up form from Curie Office before going to SDUSD offices for LiveScan

Volunteer Opportunities

Looking for ways to volunteer? Check this blog for the latest events and calls for help.

Curie School Play is one of the biggest event at Curie Elementary every year. It runs solely by the parents volunteers with the support of the Curie PTA.  Every child at Curie from grades 1st - 5th have the opportunity to participate in the school play. This tradition...

My name is Shirley Miranda. I am the Volunteer/Event Coordinator for the Curie PTA. My role is to make sure we have volunteers that help each event run smoothly. On this page, I will be posting upcoming and on-going volunteer opportunities. Check back often.


Want to volunteer, but don't know where to begin?

Read over the Code of Conduct


Have a TB Test done.  You can have this done at your doctor's offi...