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Welcome Volunteers!

My name is Shirley Miranda. I am the Volunteer/Event Coordinator for the Curie PTA. My role is to make sure we have volunteers that help each event run smoothly. On this blog, I will be posting upcoming and on-going volunteer opportunities. Check back often.

Each year we are all asked to volunteer numerous times, and we are thankful each and every time volunteers are able to help. As the volunteer coordinator, I'm hoping to create a welcoming environment for new and returning volunteers and to foster an environment of appreciation when volunteers give their time and energy throughout the year. I want to be sure that you are appreciated all year long, not just at our Volunteer Appreciation Tea (May 11).

Curie has a great group of hardworking volunteers. Every year some of that group of volunteers 'graduate' to middle school, so we are always looking for new people to join us in helping around school. This could be for as little as 30 minutes or as much as on a daily basis; we have something for everyone and every schedule. We find that volunteers are the most happy doing what they love and are good at. We have every type of volunteer opportunity for people to choose from, including computer work, helping students directly, making copies, heavy lifting, event set up, fundraising, planning events, art, science, athletics, and so much more. What's your strength? What do you love to do?

Volunteers are one of the amazing resources that makes Curie so fantastic! We are excited to get to know you and continue the amazing family involvement at Curie!

Comment below if you have any suggestions regarding volunteering or volunteer opportunities at Curie.

Shirley Miranda, Volunteer Coordinator

P.S. If you plan to volunteer at Curie, you must have Volunteer paperwork on file in the front office. Blank forms are in the first day of school packets, or can be picked up in the front office during office hours.

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